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Luceat Lux Vestra

Let Your Light Shine

Lady Arietta
6 March
~The Obsessively Odd Outpost of Lady Arietta~

Hiyas! I'm Ari/Arietta/ash/ashencry45/etc. My age is of no concern to you. I can speak English fluently, can get by in German or Spanish, and am hopelessly lost when it comes to Japanese. (But I'm learning!) My life's ambition is to fluently speak at least five languages. (Probably never gonna happen, but I live in hope.) I would also love to publish a novel someday. (Rather unlikely- I am prone to cases of extreme writer’s block.)I love to write: stories, songs, whatever. I also love drawing. (Who doesn't?) My pet peeves are bad grammar, people who type lyk dis a!! da t!m *shudders*, people who NEVER TYPE WITH ANY LOWERCASE LETTERS IN ANY OF THEIR POSTS EVER!!!, people who don't seem to know that capitals exist, and people who don't try. And a few other things....

I cannot stand homophobes/rascists/intolerant people of any sort. If any of these apply to you, please leave now. I would also recommend counseling, self-help books, and a critical evaluation of your severely misplaced views.

I am extremely cynical and swear a lot. Also, I can be extremely opinionated.

George W. Bush is full of bullshit. 'Nuff said.

I am filled with extreme dislike for people who make no effort to come up with interesting/original storylines/original characters in their fanfictions. OCs who have no purpose but to have AMZNG SPESHUL POWAS and have romantic relationships with a fandom character = banes of my existence. They are those dubbed MARYSUES and GARYSTUS, and have no place in any online hub of CREATIVITY. In addition to that, plotlines that have been done to death HAVE BEEN DONE TO DEATH. PLEASE do not attempt to resurrect them unless you can write them originally and creatively. And OOC fanfics are a disgrace to the fandom they spring from. So leave 'em alone, unless you can justify the OOCness. Which means a REASON, not an EXCUSE. Thanks.

Please never say this to me, as I shall take it as a personal insult and treat you to an impromptu 7-page rant, courtesy of yours truly:
I appreciate the enthusiasm, but let us evaluate:
This person cannot spell and refuses to let up on the CAPS key.
This person ignores all grammatical sensibilities.
'Your' should be 'you're' or 'you are.'
'Drawer' is not a word, unless you are referring to a place to keep your socks and hide your cigarettes.
Out of respect for ARTISTS everywhere, do not refer to someone who draws as a 'drawer.'
I can forgive some of these all-too-frequently-made mistakes if it is only an occasional lapse, or if the perpetrator (Heh. I love that word.) is too young to know any better, etc. HOWEVER, all LJ users are supposed to be over 13 years of age, and if you've gone to school and had competent english teachers, you should know better.

I hate leaving the house without brushing my teeth. Weird habit, I know. XD

I am hopelessly addicted to Minesweeper.

I live on coffee, painkillers, chocolate, and storylines. ^.~

I love fandoms! And I procrastinate! And I never update my journal! EVER! (Goody for you.) XDDD

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